42mn land and mobile phone line subscribers in Iran - TCI

Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI) announced here Monday number of subscribers of land and wireless phone lines in Iran has now reached 42 million.

According to IRNA Economic Desk reporter, TCI Public Relations also announced in a communique, a copy of which was faxed to IRNA, that by the end of the (Iranian) year 1388 (Mar 20, 2010) the number of land line phone subscribers in the country would have raised up to 36.3 million.

The number of land phone lines in Iran is 22.88 million today and therefore the relative penetration factor is 32.33% presently.

Meanwhile, the wireless communications network of the country is comprised of the private and public sector mobile phone operators.

The state operator, also known as the First Mobile Phone Operator, has 17.79 million subscribers and a 24.8% penetration factor.

The number of that company's BTS antennas is now 1,550, and 262,000 thousand of its subscribers are now taking advantage of VMS network.

In addition to that, TCI has signed international roaming contracts with eighty countries around the world.

The private sector wireless operators, too, have over 1,5 million subscribers today, that are either prepaid, or postpaid mobile phone clients of IranCell, or Taliya companies.

In urban communications sector, too, according to the TCI communique, 51,717 Iranian villages take advantage of telecom services today, while 2,437 of them also have full access to the urban ICT services, whose number would reach 10,000 villages in near future.

In information technology (IT) sector, too, Iran has 17,134 data access ports, and 948 cities are under country's IT network with 1,024 data centers and the international bandwidth of the country has now increased to 8,076 mega bits of date transfer per second for general subscriber services.

In TCI fiber optic expansion section, so far the country's telecom network has over 75,000 kilometers of fiber optic lines.