Irancell Making 'Intense' Efforts for Customer

Irancell  will be using the Intense iECCM (intelligent Enterprise Customer Communication Management) framework to reduce its customer communication costs, build its brand image, and enhance its customer intimacy levels.

The iECCM framework enables enterprises to strategically manage customer communication. It deploys Intense Bill Formatter, Intense Output Manager, Intense EBPP and Intense Self-care and is designed to operationally and strategically eliminate cost islands, enhance productivity, and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Making this announcement, Raghav Sahgal, CEO of Intense Technologies, said, "We see this key project as a validation of the iECCM Framework's technology edge and excellent value proposition across the Telecom vertical. Going forward, we hope to expand our relationship with the MTN Group, an established market leader in the African Telecom space."

Abdul Ismail, CIO of Irancell said, "Irancell was scouting for a solution that can bring profitable transformation in operational efficiency and perfect the Bill delivery process. The Intense iECCM framework has done that effortlessly and we are very pleased to have chosen this solution."