Iran's third operator bid

Tehran - Information and Communication Technology News Agency (ICTna): Iran's third operator project executive in communication and IT ministry and the information and technology firm in a press conference announced the dimensions of the third operators bid.

" second mobile operator's arrival showed that the rivalry environment can be useful and benefitical for customers and they can get better services with less price." Said Saeed Mahdiuon

ICTna reports that at the beginning of the conference Mahdiuon overviwed the third mobile operator background and said: "In Bahman third,1386, Iran's cabinet in an enactment determined the operator frame, included the use of third generation technology (3G),benefit of foreign investor with the maximum 49 percent share and the regional operating.    Third operator project executive said: "increasing mobile phone penetration rate in the country, offering new services, increase emulation and use of national potential are our aim for third operator's bid.

Mahdiuon added: usage of HSDPA and EDGE technologies in the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz,2100 MHz frequency band for this operator is allowed.

" the subject of operator network license should provide access and communication equipments for offering services such as mobile radio communication and switch centers and it should provide all required  equipment except framework network." He said.

" services offering from third operator are included all local cellular, national, international and value-added services." He continued

He said: " shareholders in third operator shouldn't be state shareholders or investors and their partners in the other mobile operators."

 As an answer to ICTna reporter question that asked why they didn't mentioned WiMax technology, although it has been set as a 3G standards, Mahdiuon said: WiMax is still not a well-known standard, and also regulatory should determines its aim of the WiMax bid, that is going to hold separated.

In Esfand third,1386 third operator rule announced and consideration incumbency of global standards of ITU and even 3GPP, issue the license for 15 years (which could be extended twice in five years long periods), 2 year protection, obligation for joint with all operators, ban the single monopolization or with the others partnership, competent services and subscribers maintenance and support, Iran's technological management incumbency, maximum 49 percent share for foreign party and pay the frequency and numbering justice to regulatory were defined.

" commitment for urban coverage whithin 4 years, commitment for population coverage until the fourth year and roaming coverage until the eighth year, guarantee  for the minimum quality within the first four years are included in the bid winner's commitment." He added.

He said: " the number of subscriber will be 17 million in the normal situation, that 6 million will be standard services subscribers and 11 million data services subscribers. The increase and decrease in the number of subscribers depends on operator's ability in rivalry situation."

He predicted that after the bid invitation in the last week of Ordibehesht month, the 75 days allocation to national and foreign firms for reading documents, prepare and deliver booklets and a three week respite for investing the documents, the bid winner will be announced before the end of the second quarter of the year."

He also said that China and Russia are interested in buying the bid's papers.

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by: Arash Karimbeigi (Director of Information and Communication Technology News Agency)
Tehran - IR.Iran
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