Russia's MegaFone in bid to enter Iran market

Russian mobile operator MegaFone is planning to enter Iran's cell phone market, a telecom official said on Tuesday.

"Sanctions imposed on Iran, for its peaceful nuclear activities have had no economic impact but rather have led to further foreign investments," said head of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology's International Affairs Bureau.

Ahmad Porang-Nia stated that anti-Iran sanctions have had reverse impacts on the country's economy as many international mobile operators have expressed readiness to operate and make investments in Iran.

"Top MegaFone officials have shown their willingness to take part in the tender for third cell phone operator in Iran," he said.

According to Porang-Nia, MegaFone office will officially be launched next week.

"Currently, some leading mobile operators across the world have voiced readiness to invest in the communication sector," he said, adding some European countries, Arab states, China and Russia will take part in the tender for third cell phone operator.