TCI's license: Commitment to Sign up 16.7m Subscriber during first 10 years

 Based on the terms of TCI's license which is valid for 15 years, the standards used for communication and access devices in mobile radio network should be 2G GSM. But there is no limitation to choose standards for devices in fixed and data networks. TCI is a state-owned operator and MCI – first Iranian operator that experienced the highest rate of subscriber growth in the world last year – is a TCI-affiliated company. It is expected that it signs up 3.7m subscribers in first year, 3m in second year, 2m in each third and forth years, 1.5m in each fifth and sixth years and 1m until the late ninth year; in tenth year, the number of subscribers will depend on the market condition. It's notable that this company has 24m subscribers, now.