WiMAX Tender Conditions to be announced

Sabouhi – Iranian CRA vice president – announced in Fars Province's Conference "wireless Broadband Technologies and its outlooks in Fars" that WiMAX tender's documents would be published in June 26th.

According to him, after analyzing the companies' documents, their licenses would be issued in early autumn.

He added that the minimum license fee was 4 billion Rls (US$ 4.5m) and it had been determined 62 billion Rls (US$ 69m) for Fars Province.

According to Sabouhi, the WiMAX tender would be held simultaneously in 30 provinces of Iran, including Tehran, and three licenses issued in each province. Top winner of the tender would determine the license fee and two other ones should follow the proposed rate.

It's worth noting that the foresaid conference held in Shiraz by Teyf Analytic Scientific Group with cooperation of Fars Telecom Company.