Initial License Fee & Government Revenue Sharing Decrease

The winner of third mobile operator's tender should pay an initial license fee (300 to 500m euro). However, proposed by ITU's experts, the fee has decreased to 300m euro in order to attract operators to apply for the tender.

According to Khosravi _ Head of Iranian CRA_ based on the measurements passed by CRA Committee, at least 5% of the each applicant should be owned by a foreign company with at least 5m subscribers in other countries.

He also added that the foreign companies' share should not be more than 48% and the value of the company should be equal to at least 50% of the initial license fee.

Khosravi said: "The Commercial Technical Committee will assess the applicants based on three assessment parameters: financial, technical, and operational ones. Applicants should win at least 60 points to be allowed to move on to next step.

"It's notable that the Government's revenue sharing of third mobile operator has also decreased from 25% to 15%."