Call for Granting Operating License to Iran's Third Mobile Operator and ITC2008

The CRA published public invitation to take part in tender of granting license to Third Mobile Operator. In this way, the tender documents will be sold a month from 6th of September. The applicants should submit the filled documents of first stage (Pre-qualification) to the Authority by the end of working day on October 27th. At the same time, Teyf Group has provided the applicants an opportunity to meet the players of the telecom sector and exchange their opinions in International Iran Telecom Conference "ITC2008" on 13th of October.

It's notable that Teyf-Sharif consultants Co. (Advisory branch of Teyf Group), was responsible for preparation of Tender Documents and this Group tends to inform the applicants of any news and information about the tender by holding this conference and issuing news on its site (www.teyf.ir), weekly electronic newsletter, or in Teyf-e-Barq Monthly Magazine

It is expected that the results of the first stage will be announced on 30th of November and then, qualified applicants will be allowed to enter next stage. These applicants should submit the envelopes A, B, and C by 11th January, 2009.