Iran's Regulatory has tightend the deadlines!

The CRA published an amendment to the public invitation to third mobile tender and postponed the due date of selling the tender documents from 6th to 13th  of September. According to the amendment, the envelopes A, B, and C will be opened on 30 November while the original date was 12th January, 2009.

Furthermore, it's notable that the period of tender process has been reduced 1 and a half months.

Also, the documents will be sold by 4 October and the applicants should submit the filled documents of prequlifeid stage to the Authority by 26th October. The winner of first stage will be introduced on 8th November; they should submit the envelopes by 29 November. And finally, the submitted envelopes will be opened on 30 November.

Also, Teyf Group will hold an international conference "ITC 2008" on 13th  of October, which is a opportunity for applicants to meet the players and policy makers of the sector and exchange their opinions. During the conference, Mahdiyun Convener of the tender – will answer the questions of the applicants.

It should be noted that Teyf Sharif Consultant Co. (advisory branch of Teyf Group) prepared initial documents of the tender.