Iran, Syria ink MoU to expand cooperation on ICT domains

Iran and Syria have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate on the third generation of cell phone, internet, electronic trading and establishment of new communications networks.

Exchanging know-how on privatization, presentation of technical services on development of Syrian infrastructures and attendance in bids, exhibitions and conferences of each other are among other articles of the MoU.

The documents were signed in Tehran by Syrian Minister of Communication and Technology Imad Abdul-Ghani Sabouni and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Suleimani.

According to Sabouni discussion between Iran and Syria on establishment of a joint company on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are underway.

The two countries have determined priorities for the foundation of the company, he said after signing the MoU and added surveys for its foundation will begin upon his return to Syria.

During his trip to Iran, Abdul-Ghani Sabouni has met some Iranian industrial and technological officials and elaborated Syrian communication condition to them.

He then noted his country is waiting for Iran's presence in joint plans and appreciated efforts of Suleimani.

"We try to implement ideas and plans agreed upon during the trip."

Also Suleimani taking part in the ceremony said Iran and Syria are examining pouring investment into production of communicative and solar devices and connection of the two countries' optical fibers through other countries.

Ties between Iran and Syria as two strong regional states are flourishing, he said.

Syria is now more focusing on private sector and all specialists, contractors, producers and companies which work on communicative equipments can cooperate with the country; he said adding the process helps Iran expand its presence in other countries.

The two sides can increase the level of exchanges to some hundred million dollars through more cooperation, he added.