Iran’s Communications Minister: Tamin-Etisalat consortium due to not fulfilling commitments was withdrew from Iran’s third mobile operator auction

Tehran - Information and Communication Technology News Agency (ICTna): Tamin-Etisalat Consortium including Tamin Telecom and UAE mobile operator, Etisalat, due to not fulfilling third mobile operator auction commitments in the stated time has been withdrawn from third mobile operator aucation.

According to the Communication and Information Technology News Agency (ICTna) "Tamin-Etisalat consortium because of not offering requisite warranties and license charges in stated time withdrew from aucation.” Mohmmad Soleimani,Information and Communication Technology minister said.

“By taking the currant condition into consideration, radio communications regulatory office should scrutinize the second bidder conditions to choose the new consortium”, he added.

According to the third mobile operator’s documents all auction bidders paid 30 million euro as a warranty to the regulatory office that bye taking notice of the current situation probably Tamin-Etisalat consortium’s warranty would impound to the benefit of Islamic Republic of Iran’s government.

Moreover, according to the Zakhire Sadaf company by noticing the Tamin-Etisalat Consortium withdrawal by regulatory,Zain Iran consortium is in talk with the office for study the new conditions for third operator.

“we are expecting that according to current talks process, most probably Zain Iran consortium will be incharge of Iran’s third mobile operator.” Zakhire Sadaf CEO said.   

by: Arash Karimbeigi (Director of Information and Communication Technology News Agency)
Tehran - IR.Iran
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