Forouhar Foroutan introduced as Alireza Shafieepour successor in Iran Nokia

Forouhar Foroutan Esfehani as Alireza Shafieepour’s successor became Nokia CEO in Iran.

According to Information and communication technology news agency (ICTNA)  reporter in an unofficial ceremony Foroutan as Shafieepour’s successor and Nokia CEO in Iran introduced to  the group of  journalist in the information and communication technology field.

This replacement is based on Nokia’s new policies and Shafieepour is reviewing Nokia’s job positions in other countries.

Ali Shafieepour that after Bijan Khiabani was Nokia CEO in Iran is Electronic engineer and 18 months before  Nokia was working in one of the Afghan operators.

by: Arash Karimbeigi (Director of Information and Communication Technology News Agency)
Tehran - IR.Iran
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