Russian and Iranian ministers for communication to discuss cable systems connecting Europe and Middle East

Russian Minister for Communications Igor Shegolev make a three-day
visit to Iran to discuss a cable system which will connect Europe and
the Middle East. Other topics are broadcasting of Russian channels in
Iran and radio frequency regulation, ITAR-TASS reports.

Shegolev will meet the Iranian Minister for Communication Reza
Tagipur, Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and head of the Space
Organization of Iran Hamid Fazeli.

They will discuss cooperation between the telecommunications operators
of Russia and Iran – Rostelecom and Telecommunication Infrastructure
Company (TIC).

The companies will sign deals on organization of the Europe-Persia
Express Gateway system by Rostelecom, TIC, OmanTel (Oman) and
Cable&Wireless (UK). The cable network will connect Europe and the
Middle East from Frankfurt to Oman through Russia, Iran and the
Persian Gulf. The endpoints will be in Frankfurt and Muscat. An
understanding memorandum between the companies was signed in April

Rostelecom and TIC started realization of a joint project in autumn
2010. Iranian company Delta Telecom provided a transit line for
Rostelecom’s internet access in Iraq.
The Russian Communications Ministry said that the coming visit will
include talks on broadcasting the Russian channels RTR-Planeta and
Russia-24 in Iran. Discussions will also concern radio frequency.
Shegolev will visit the Iranian Service for Communication Control,
State TV and Radio and will attend an exhibition of communication and
information technologies.