Intl. operators and manufacturers meet at Iran Telecom Fair

Saman Kojouri, Press TV, Tehran

It is the one of the major telecommunications events in the region.
Iranian and foreign companies active in manufacturing telecommunication equipment and providing related services are taking part in the 12th Tehran international telecom fair.
The four-day event is the main professional event in Iran for everyone involved in the design, planning, operation and sale of telecom services and products, from chief engineers to planners and operators as well as wholesale and retail suppliers.
In recent years, the pace of development and improvements in the country's telecommunication sector has continued in all aspects. The country has managed to domestically manufacture a high percentage of its required telecom equipment.
Due to recent achievements, Iran has managed to rank first in the Middle East in terms of growth in the development of telecommunication network and has received UNESCO's award for expansion of telecommunication in poor rural areas.
In the past couple of years Iran has made considerable progress in its telecommunications that according to officials figures over 50 million Iranians use mobile phone.
Although the emergence of two private operators increased the number of mobile phone subscribers, the government is still the main player in Iran's telecommunication sector through the Ministry of communications and information Technology and its affiliates.
Such a development in Iran's telecommunications has provided a good opportunity for foreign companies to cooperate with Iranian partners in telecom projects.
The 12th Iran telecom fair will last until November 18.