Iran to Manage Phone Signal Stength Along Border Areas


The Iranian government has signed a deal with its neighboring countries to control mobile base station signal leakage across borders. The agreement was brokered by the GCC Telecom Bureau.

The GCC nations and Iran reached a co-ordination agreement on the use of specific frequency bands for preventing and resolving spillover and interference to the mobile services.

Minister of State for Telecommunications Affairs Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa said that such co-operation is critical for guarding the interests of consumers.

"If we don't enact stronger co-operation in the region, Bahraini consumers who live near the borders may have their mobile phone switch over to a carrier in a neighbouring country, which means they'd be billed for long-distance rates. This agreement will help eliminate these concerns."

The ministry also announced that following a meeting with the GCC Telecom Bureau director general Mahmood Sayyar, Bahrain had been chosen as the permanent location of the bureau's headquarters.

 Gulf Daily News