8 Billion Short Messages Exchanged in First Five Days of Nowruz


According to the new statistics revealed by Hamrah-e-Avval and Irancell, two leading mobile operators in Iran, more than eight billion SMSs have been exchanged during the first five days of new Persian year, known as Nowruz. Operators didn’t report their earned revenues, but their total incomes from these messages have been estimated around $35 million.
8 Billion Short Messages Exchanged in First Five Days of Nowruz
Also during the first six days of Nowruz, MCI’s clients have sent around 4.1 billion messages. Irancell’s customers sent 5.1 billion messages at the same time. Accordingly the delivery rate was %98, which is acceptable in compare to the current telecommunication infrastructures of Islamic Republic.
As the number of mobile subscribers has been increased dramatically in recent years, congratulating Eids via SMS has been become a fashion between Iranians. Not only youngsters but elderly have adopted this fashion.
It’s worth mentioning that Iranian government makes great revenue from this source because it is the main backer of the mentioned operators. Currently the Filtering Committee of Islamic Republic has blocked access to mobile applications which allow subscribers to send and receive messages out of mobile networks. Many operators in all around the world are suffering from the penetration rate of such applications, which resulted into lower revenue for telecommunication corporations.