Iran's cell phone imports fall by 48%

Iran's cell phone imports in the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (which started on March 21) showed a 40 - 48 per cent decrease compared to the same period of the previous year, Mehdi Abghari, head of cell phone workgroup at the Irab Imports Assembly, said on Wednesday.
"Unstable price of foreign currencies at the free market and uncertainty about new administration's forex decision caused the decrease," the Fars News Agency quoted Abghari as saying.
"The importers need to know that the forex prices remain stable in the time span between purchasing the items and receiving them inside the country," he added.
The United States relaxed sanctions on Iran on May 30 to allow American companies to sell mobile phones, software and other technology used for personal communications to Iranians. The move announced by the U.S. Treasury Department allows Iranians to get access to the latest Apple phones and newest software that have only been available on Tehran's black market since sanctions were first imposed in 1992, Reuters reported.