MTN Irancell launches new services for 7th anniversary

MTN Irancell has introduced seven new services as part of celebrations to mark seven years of service in the country.The operator launched Dynamic Tariff System, USSD Private, Service Delivery Platform, Messaging SDP, Irancell Drive, Background Music and Collect SMS. Dynamic Tariff System will enable automatic tariff pricing based on network traffic, with customers notified of the applicable price via cell broadcasting or USSD. MTN said the system offers an up to 95 percent discount at times and places with low traffic. With USSD Private, customers such as businesses can set up their own mobile information services for a group of users. The Service Delivery Platform offers network APIs for recharging and billing for third-party companies to develop Wap, USSD SMS, push and other services. Background Music is a form of ringback tines, Messaging SDP allows subscribers to programme the timing of SMS to select groups, and collect SMS allows for reverse-charge SMS. 

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    سوال:مدت زیادی است که تمام شارژ خود را از طریق شارژ شگفت انگیز میگیرم ومبلغ14000تومان موجودی دارم بااعتبار5ماهه . ولی درتماس های داخلی مبلغ هدیه کم نمیشود با اپراتور تماس گرفتم گفتند پس از شارژ شگفت انگیز اولین تماس باید داخلی (ایرانسلی )باشد که انجام دادم ولی از مبلغ اصلی کم شد. لطفا راهنمایی کنید.باتشکر پاسخ