Shatel Mobile SIM Cards Now Available in the Market

Shatel’s MVNO SIM cards are now available in the market. Dubbed Shatel Mobile the service provides users with various services including voice, text messaging, and mobile Internet services (3G/3.75G/4G/4.5G).
The SIMs are currently available with 0998 prefix and starting digit 1.
Shatel Mobile is the first provider of integrated mobile and landline services in Iran. Some of the significant features access to 3G, 4G & 4.5G networks, ‘hybrid’ prepaid and postpaid services for the first time in Iran, cloud services messaging, economical international roaming tariffs, content delivery platforms, complementary and entertainment services, along with cost-effective tariffs and bundle packages.
Furthermore, Shatel Mobile users can transfer remained traffic of data packages of one term to the next.
Mohammad Hassan Shanehsaz-zadeh, chairman of the board and founder of Shatel Group announced the commercial launch of Shatel Mobile network at a press conference Saturday morning.
He described the event as “introduction of the first real experience of mobile and landline services convergence in Iran.”
Focusing on new generations of wireless communication services based on mobile phone networks, TD-LTE technology and public Wi-Fi services, Shatel Mobile (aka Shatel Mobile Communications Development Co.) was established in 2015 as the Shatel Group’s Mobile Network wing.
According to Shanehsaz-zadeh the company provides clients with integrated landline and mobile internet-based communication services. He named Shatel Mobile “the pioneer among the new generation mobile of network operators in the country.”
The company officially introduced competitive pricing system, 24/7 online and telephone after-sales services, network coverage in more than 600 cities, economical international roaming tariffs, having 900 sales and after sales service centers in Iran, exclusive 09981 prefix, easy access to the products, and business solutions & services for national and private firms as some of the advantages of switching to Shatel Mobile.
Shanehsaz-zadeh noted “By integrating mobile phone services with broadband Internet services, landline telephone and multimedia content delivery services, Shatel has become a four-faceted actor in Iran’s telecoms sector.”
“One of the aims of the service is converging internet-based landline and mobile communication services.  Shatel is set to take the game to a new level providing customers with a distinguishable genuine communication experience”, he said.
Shatel Mobile Network Launched
In a ceremony Arash Karimbeigi, Shatel Mobile’s CEO, announced the official launch of the service as “the new generation of mobile phone services.”
Shatel Mobile is equipped with 3, 3.75, 4 and 4.5 mobile telecommunications technology. The company does not offer Internet services based on the almost obsolete 2G technology.
During launching ceremony of Shatel Mobile, Karimbeigi said: “Considering market’s demand, Shatel offers high-speed mobile Internet services based on 3, 3.75, 4 and 4.5 generations of mobile telecommunication technologies.”
He further added that the company is set to offer TD-LTE network services on 2600 megahertz applied frequency as well.
According to Karimbeigi, Shatel provides the fastest Internet service in Iran. He further pointed out some of the advantages of Shatel Mobile services, namely coverage in over 580 cities, accessible and user-friendly interface for managing accounts, feasibility, competitive pricing and customized packages, content delivery services, genuine Value Added Services, 24/7 sales and after sales services, integrated landline and mobile packages for businesses, over 400 exclusive sales and service centers around the country.
The company offers contract and pay-as-you-go SIM cards. Furthermore, Shatel is poised to introduce a Tourist SIM.
Subscribers can also chose “hybrid payment packages”. Which means that the user can determine which service should be included on the contract and which are to be used through the pay-as-you-go system.
The company CEO pointed out the followings as some of the other features of the service: first genuine experience of mobile and landline services convergence, cloud-based conversation and messaging, content delivery services, complementary and entertainment services, cost-effective tariffs for talk, text messaging and data services.
Clients can also manage and monitor their SIM card’s usage online.
Karimbeigi underlined that Shatel Mobile offers the lowest prepaid call tariff.
For free usage, subscriber will be charged 555 rials per minute for intra-network communications, 888 rials per minutefor outside-network calls, 222 rials for each text in English, 111 rials for Persian messages, 1,500 rials for sending text messages to non-Iranian operators network.
Free dara usage costs 0.075 to 0.6 rials.
The company has introduced 22 packages which can be set to be automatically extended each month. Furthermore, each month’s remained traffic can be transferred to the next.
Using Namava conte Internet Protocol television is free of charge for Shatel Mobile users.
Users can also register for prepaid packages which have a usage cap, with prices varying from 180,000 to 400,000 rials ($4.5 to $10).
SIM cards can be purchased by dialing 09981000000 or through Shatel Mobile service’s website under the address: www.shatelmobile.ir.
The sales and after sales centers are open around-the-clock and every day of the week. According to Karimbeigi the company offers services in various local dialects in addition to Persian and English.